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Cold Cereal Why Be Normal

Tired of the same old flakes & milk? Why be normal? Use juice instead of milk. Try mixing two types of cereal together.

  • 100% Juice, Cranberry Juice Blend over,
  • 1/2 bowl Frosted Wheat Sqaures
  • 1/2 bowl Raisin Bran

When I started getting the snuffles from having dairy in my diet, I stopped eating cold cereal for quite a while. My brother-in-law has had problems with dairy for most of his life, and always talked about eating orange juice over Cocoa Krispies as a child. I tried it, but didn't fancy it. If you use too much juice, the sweetness of the cereal makes the juice taste sour.

On occasion, I would buy some cold cereal with milk, and put up with the snuffles, just because it's such a darn easy breakfast. One day I poured myself a bowl of cereal before realizing I was out of milk. I had some cranberry juice in the fridge and decided to give it a try. I thought it was great! Now I get an easy breakfast without dairy sniffles.

Later on, I emptied out a box of cereal and only had a partial bowl. I was too lazy to eat my half bowl of cereal and come back into the kitchen later to pour a half bowl of a different type of cereal, so I just put my raisin bran on top of my frosted wheat squares and staggered away with my bowl. It turns out that's a pretty good combination, so now I just mix cereals together every time I have it.

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