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Fudge Monkey

This is a variation of my Chocolate Monkey with a fudgy texture. I like it so much, I though it deserves its own page. Be sure to take a look at the spicy variation below.

  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 3 heaping spoons Sugar
  • 2 heaping spoons Cocoa
  • 2 heaping spoons Whole Wheat Flour
  • 3 spoons Milk

To prepare this recipe you need a microwaveable coffee cup, a regular spoon you eat with, and a butter knife.

Use the knife to cut 1 tablespoon from a stick of butter.

Put the butter in the coffee cup and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Put 3 heaping spoonfuls of sugar into the coffee cup with the melted butter.

Stir the sugar/butter mixture with the knife and place the cup back into the microwave for another 20 seconds. If you like the taste of butter be sure to lick the knife clean at this point. (You did use a dull knife didn't you?)

Put 2 heaping spoonfuls of cocoa and 2 heaping spoonfuls of flour in the cup and stir with the knife.

Add about 3 spoonfuls of milk and stir to make a nice fudgy batter.

Lick the knife clean and use the spoon to eat your Fudge Monkey!

If you use water instead of milk, it has a more floury taste, so be sure to use milk.

Spicy Fudge Monkey

Try adding either a good dose of cinnamon or a small dash of cayenne (red) pepper.

Cayenne pepper in chocolate may be an unexpected addition, but consuming the pepper releases endorphins in the brain, like chocolate does. I enjoy the little kick from pepper that remains after I finish a bite of chocolate.

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